All of us knowingly and unknowingly have been metablogging. What is metablogging? Blogging about blogs is metablogging. It’s not all that boring as this definiton shows:

Definition: (verb) The act of blogging about blogging.

A little color:
Metablogging is a fairly common phenomenom in the world of blogs, especially for new bloggers fascinated by their emerging medium. There is often a subtle negative connotation to the word “metablogging”. You’ll sometimes see someone refer to metablogging as “navel gazing” or “blogging masturbation”.

Usage: “I’m going to do some metablogging now and explore how weblogs are impacting the world of journalism.”

Source: Microcontent News


One thought on “Metablogging

  1. Well, that is news. But the definition of metablogging is different from that of metatext. This sounds more like postmodern ekphrasis, I would say. What do you think? 😀

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