Fcuk sub text: The joy of reading for pleasure

I’m sure all of you would have read Sweet Valley High at some point in time or the other. I did too. Between Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I would have been ashamed of it had I not discovered the literary joy of “studying” every “text” within reach. According to some lit crits, everything in this world can be “text.” And therein lies a tale. Your neighbourhood chaiwala and his dukaan can be read from a Marxist perspective as a victim of capitalist conspiracy. In other words, everything had a sub-text. Maybe I “read” too much into things that’s why. So when I came across this article which celebrates being just on the surface of things, I was shocked. It was literary blasphemy at its most extreme!

Fuck subtext. It’s all surface. And that is the pleasure. (Benfer)

And I may have started to see where she (the writer of the piece Amy Benfer) is coming from. I can’t say much about the article since after paragraph 12, the website asks me to pay for it. Well, now looks like a conspiracy against free reading!

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