A post in rhyme

I was reading Vikram Seth’s poetry,
So it kind of hit me,
Why not for once write in rhyme, abcb and so on.
Since, it did not seem too wrong
I thought I should try. It, of course, could be supremely stupid or nice
Maybe I could try it once or twice.

My first thought was a review in rhyme,
-I was a bit hesitant since it was my first time-
of a movie, book or TV show.
Since I had read many and seen many more.
But something about it seemed a bit off.
So I settled for a blog post (Don’t scoff!)

Two paragraphs or more
Nothing that would bore
My readers: an impromptu poem was what I need.
Nothing too formal, nothing that would breed
a longer poem. So, here it is –
(I sincerely hope you won’t miss this.)
No frills, no high-fi vocabulary,
No reviews, no books, nothing exemplery.
Just a few words stringed together
By rhyme, meter and some excellent hot weather,
Which I admit kept me indoors through the day,
Even though it is not even May.

This brings me to the last few lines,
At this point, I really am running out of rhymes.
If you do like it or not, there’s something you can do-
How about dropping in a sentence or two?
You can even tear it apart line by line.
Anything sincere would be fine.
So I say bye for now,
With the promise to be back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “A post in rhyme

  1. You will never cease to surprise me AFJ. That was brilliant. I see that the break from blogging has really worked wonders for you 🙂

  2. It really was a nice attempt
    Though I was surprised
    That it was your first one.

    It gave me some confidence
    To try it out too.
    There’s no rhyme in here
    Though hopefully some reason.

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