A suitable read

I’m very into Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy right now. The 1400-odd pages were daunting to read once but I thought I have to read it. Now, after a few months, after I have dipped myself into the story, I am so happy I tried. The first time I tried to read it, I was in college. With one week as the alloted time, I couldn’t finish it since I had borrowed it from the college library. I still don’t have a copy. The one I’m reading is my cousin’s. But I can truthfully say that I am obsessed with it. Now, in the last few pages, the plots are being wound up. And I can’t wait to get back to the lives of the suitable girl Lata, maudlin Mrs. Rupa Mehra, caring Savita, professor Pran, little Uma, carefree Maan, friendly Firoz, strict Mahesh Kapoor, the regal Nawab Sahib of Baitar, volatile Dr. Kishenchand Seth, angry Arun, glamourous Meenakshi, flirty Kakoli, diplomat Hans, moody Cuddles (the dog), spiritual Dipankar, poetic Amit, smiling Haresh, charming cricketeer Kabir, sensous Saeeda Bai and oh so many more characters.

They are all walking about in my head right now.


10 thoughts on “A suitable read

  1. Wow..that does seem an interesting mix of characters, and that does seem like a good read.I wish I could read it 😦 I’ve got no time lol..I’m studying engineering, remember?lol..Hopefully, when I get time, I’ll pounce on it 😉

  2. seems strange, so many characters come alive from the pages of a book and our lives are never the same again…

    long after i’ve read the final page, some of them continue to be with me… like keira argunova or the little prince or the boy who lived, they all came into my life and shaped it like any real person could have done.

    btw, i read the little prince after reading one little quote about the ‘the beauty of the desert’ in one of your posts. thanks for that also.

  3. I love ‘A Suitable Boy’, and I have my own copy 🙂 Sadly, I have lent it to 3 different people over the last 4 years, but everyone has returned it after a year without reading it completely. Can’t for the life of me figure out how they could manage to leave this masterpiece mid-way!!!

  4. see what i meant…
    ppl. remember wat u wrote,
    i too have that ‘time’s list of best novels’ post printout… but i’ll give ‘mr. biswas’ a try 😉

  5. Nice blog….
    Saw “ballad of a soldier” in ur fav list… wonderful movie.There is a tamil version of that movie also. think the name of the movie is annai or something…

  6. Voluminous works have always deterred me – it requires supreme effort on my part to ever finish reading anything that exceeds a few hundred pages in length.

  7. Hi there found your blog thru Reflections.

    I don’t remember exactly but I think I finished the book in week or less and didn’t really like it…

  8. Oh I love A Suitable Boy. Now you’ve made me want to read it all over again, and I just remembered my copy is in Calcutta 😦

    I had quite a crush on Amit Chatterjee you know and kept hoping she would marry him in the end. He is just sooo cute, and witty and..well..crushable 😛

  9. Just couldn’t help observing how more than appropriate the adjectives you have used for the characters are…

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