April twenty third

Two Shakespeare posts back to back is highly unusual for me. But it’s April 23rd! Apart from the Bard’s birthday, it’s also World Book Day and Copyright Day.

I am reading Feluda’s adventures again but this time in Bangla. What are you reading?


4 thoughts on “April twenty third

  1. In Bangla? :O Awesome! 🙂
    Expecting a post on the politics of translation. And yes, I am reading ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ 😀

  2. I’m reading ‘My Hero’ by Tom Holt, and ‘Chandrakanta'(yup, finally recd the parcel yesterday) 🙂

    And lucky you, reading Feluda in Bangla! I’ve just read him in English and found it very good, but my Bong friends tell me that the Bangla original is a different flavour altogether!

  3. oh, I am reading something boring by comparison. “Pour your heart into it- The Starbucks Story” by Howard Shultz.

  4. good for rita & obi wan, its time u post a vacation note on your blog, ’cause you won’t be available for some days now:)

    dazedandconfused, u r lucky to be bored

    what i’m reading?
    actually, m trying to juggle ‘gone with the wind’ with ‘the magic of thinking big’ with some advertising award winning stuff and some creative writing notes. whew!

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