A letter for a friend

A friend has gone to pursue her dreams. This letter is for her.

Dear _____,

Don’t give up! This is what you want, then go for it. I wish you all the best! There may be some obstacles on the road, but don’t you dare be bogged down by them! Sometimes, the worst of things can be a blessing in disguise. We love you and we miss you a lot.

And don’t forget, keep dreaming!



3 thoughts on “A letter for a friend

  1. Dear ——-,
    I wish you all the best too and if I know you well, you won’t give up! Reach for the stars, girl! 🙂
    Keep in touch.

  2. AFJ’s friend: Just follow your heart, and remember- in the long run, we are all dead 🙂 May the Force be with you!

  3. dear afj’s dear friend,

    yeah, follow your heart…
    and remember somewhere behind it is the mind too,

    as for dear obi, somewhere behind you is dear afj, may the force be with her 😉

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