Say no to dowry and female foeticide

say no to dowry. stop female foeticide

Creative effort: Soumyadip

I was going to write about books until reality knocked. I did see Soumyadip’s post a few days back but it was after I saw San’s post today that I thought I should chip in.

Let’s all do our bit. It’s one post for us. It’s someone’s life out there.


8 thoughts on “Say no to dowry and female foeticide

  1. good poster. its strange to think taht even in this day and age we still have to worry about things like this – that it still happens and so much!

  2. There are so many laws in place, but they never help. The violation happens with impunity. Even education doesn’t seem to be a deterrent, rather it often acts as a stimulant. Awareness and understanding seem to be the solution.

  3. Even in a place like Delhi, forget the BIMARU(Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, UP) states, I have seen women being harassed for dowry, and being pestered to deliver a boy, even if they already have 2-3 daughters. It’s too deeply engrained in our society unfortunately, for education to help much. It is our generation which has to put it’s foot down and just say NO, firmly!

  4. What is the grantee that if your marriage does not suceed and if
    your wife say you had asked dowry, will any one belive and will not
    send your age old parents, pregent sister behind the bar,
    irrespective you want dowry or not ?

    That is called 498A and DV act.

    Secondly, would you please tell me :-

    What is called “Dowry” and waht is called “Streedhan”.

    Next waht is called SOWRY?

    Some people born as Blind and some People made blind by so called
    Feminist, I wonder which one you are.

    Yes when a Dishonest Daughter- in- law will rape some one’s Mother,
    sister or small child, we proudly say.. I don’t want dowry , please
    leave me, but Indian Law and society will not understand that, you
    have not asked dowry….

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