Saturday surprise again

It’s like a conspiracy! All my surprises conspire to appear on Saturdays! Well, this Saturday I went with AquaM for some work and ended up getting our ears pierced!

It was a bright sunny morning when we entered the building and when we came out the sky was cloudy but the heat was still there. It was like being inside a warm live cocoon. I wanted to shop for some silver rings. I can never have enough of them. I was eyeing a particular kind of ring. (Btw, I wear 4 rings on my left hand. And it looks nice not like some fat bania with rings who usually plays the villain in the movies.) So we went the Old Curiosity Shop. (This is a good place to link to this, my other post about the Old Curiosity Shop.) The only problem was that the place was ridden with foreign tourists. And apart from a cursory hello the owner didn’t think we were important enough to be shown stuff. He usually keeps the rings inside a cigar box tucked away under the counter. When he took it out, I thought it was slightly weird why he was offering us girls cigars!

So to help us see, he told his assistant, which I suspect was a poor relative to show us the rings while he attends to the foreign tourists. But his assistant was of no help. If I liked a ring, the guy wouldn’t know the price. And to know the price he will wait politely till the owner stopped his explanation to the tourist and then ask. But it was a very long drawn process and I waited for nearly half an hour for nothing because I would like many rings but the process of politely waiting was getting on our nerves. So we paid just for one ring and left the shop. AquaM was seething with anger at being ignored like this just because we were not foreign tourists. I kind of expected it. But was worried more about the time we had lost.

We got out of there and crossed the road to Spencer’s plaza ostensibly for AquaM to get her second set of ear piercings. By the time we had spotted the shop and entered, she had convinced me to try some earrings out. I had no plans to getting any piercing done. In the middle of me deciding whether I wanted this pain or not, a few young guys had walked in.

AquaM was a thorough professional. She turned one ear and then the ear and got it done in like 5 minutes. Not a squeak from her. I watched her face with a lot of attention. Not a muscle moved. As though this was a part of her daily routine. Then the shopkeeper started to egg me on. Obviously, he stood to gain from it. I thought, okay, I’m not ready for this but what the heck. The moment the guy finished with my right ear, I almost screamed out loud. It certainly was not ONE pin prick, the way it was described to me. It was a million pin pricks in one second condensed to make to feel the pain more. I screamed, “Aaaaaaooooo!” By now I was convinced that this was a BIG mistake. But I can’t walk around with 3 earrings so I had to grit my teeth and bear the pain of the second one.

All this while, the bunch of guys were looking at me. Now, I didn’t know that. After the shop guy was done with my piercing he turned to them and asked, “Who’s next?” The whole bunch of 6 or 7 of them with rockstar T-shirts and supposedly macho walk chickened out. They said, “We will come back later!” I couldn’t help laughing. I felt very bad of having deprived the shopkeeper of his customers.

AquaM said later that she hadn’t seen so much drama for such a small thing since the movies. I was quite hurt. It was not a small thing for me. The earring functioned like a drill and the whole process was called “gunshot” tore through my ears. We effect such voilence on ourselves. And sometimes have become so desensitised towards pain. It’s astounding.

So after that we came back home to our individual lives.


5 thoughts on “Saturday surprise again

  1. Nice to see that someone else too had a painful weekend 🙂

    And I didn’t know you had been so inspired by Aamir’s character in Ghulam that you started wearing multiple rings like him 🙂

    Hope the ears are not hurting any more btw 🙂

  2. Ahhh! I am terrified of getting my ears piereced. I just know it will hurt! And now you have proved it! My ears hurt in sympathy.

    However, I love shopping for earrings. I just give them all away!

  3. you are a drama queen! Well, you managed to drive the collge kids away….
    Ons econd thoughts, Maybe you should stand for elections, and who knows you might just win a seat.

  4. OH MY GOD!!! I’ve always wanted to get this done. I want to wear not 2 but 3 pairs of earring. But seriously, I can’t bring my self to bear the pain 😦

    But the post was hilarious! 😀 Am I being mean? 😛

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