Is it okay?

Sometimes you want something, you get something else. Sometimes you make your peace with something, and then something else appears. What do I want? I want the best bit of this and the best bit of that. That apparently is too much to ask for. But then as I say, what is life without an impossible dream?

Is it okay to want to earn money so that you can enjoy the things you like? Is it okay to pursue your dream but in a roundabout way? Is it okay to like so many different things in life? Is it okay to compromise now so that later things work out? Is it okay to be confused?


10 thoughts on “Is it okay?

  1. I think its super to have one’s mind active full of dreams and aspiration and some thing to work towards.Confusions are only a part of that process.

  2. Wanting the best of all the worlds is not an impossible dream, it is a great dream, to motivate one towards a fulfilling life!

    As for your questions, you already know the answer, it is within you, that is why you are asking these questions aloud 🙂

    May the Force be with you!

  3. Okay or not! I think it all depend on how you carry your decisions forward. You are not wrong untill and unless you are ready to face the music…

  4. Dont know abt the other things, i guess its ok to be confused. But it wud be nice if the confusions change over a period of time. being confused abt the same thing is…probably…not ok?

    am not sure, am confused… 🙂

  5. in order to have a fair idea of our life and where we want ourself to be, we confuse ourself to no end…
    and i thought i was the most confused person in this world…

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