Language turtles

I am in a mood to coin terms. From the top of my hat, here’s one: language turtle. A language turtle is a person who is slow at crossing the language road!

We all have out moments of frustration when it comes to the English language. Spellings are the first stumbling blocks and then come various other nearly nonsensical rules of grammar. I AM a stickler for correct grammar and spelling but that doesn’t mean that I think they are logical.

I learnt about the rules of grammar and how they developed in one subject in college very grandly called The History of Language by F.T Wood. Almost every English literature student had to go through it. You could call it an initiation of sorts. The orange coloured tiny tome – I call it tiny because the size was small but they made up for it by making it thick – paperback was stuffed into our bags almost everyday. The most exciting thing inside the book was the Norman conquest of 1055 B.C. My professor almost went into semi drug-induced highs when describing this chapter. If the Normans hadn’t conquered England in 1055 B.C, I wouldn’t be writing this post! That’s when the spread of what-would-later-be English started.

Why am I writing about all this? Well, to be honest, I started to write the above with the intention of posting something about how English is a funny language but ended up coining terms!


13 thoughts on “Language turtles

  1. “I AM a strickler for correct grammar and spelling but that doesn’t mean that I think they are logical.”

    errrmm…except that strickler isn’t a word. Presumably you mean stickler. :-).

    P.S. Sorry, I NEVER do this – but the irony of it was just too sweet to resist.

  2. Hi Falstaff,

    No problem! Of course, there is no word like “strickler”! I physically cringed when I saw your comment! Thanks for the pointer though!

  3. strickler – no need to cringe, you’ve coined another word.

    And about the post … this phunny language inglis makes you do phunny things … like taking your post off track.

  4. I have majored neither in English nor in History!
    Ohhh, sorry, but that was not the topic na? As someone who has been much abused (and has much abused) for being one, I totally agree that grammatical rules are extremely stupid at times, but one can still respect them and follow them faithfully! So tell me, what does a language turtle do exactly?

  5. Hey Mou…
    I know ur all surprised to see my comment…:D
    Long time… 🙂
    Miss looking over ur shoulder and…”what u posting?”…:(

  6. i confess: sometimes, am a language turtle (and you are too). but hey, aren’t we all at one point in our lives? ;]

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