Trip to Pondy

On an impulse, I decided to go to Pondicherry this weekend. I had company. So we took the bus to Pondy on Saturday afternoon. 4 hours, cramped legs, and a sore back later, lo behold, we were in Pondicherry.

My mind was very unsettled (my mind is still unsettled but the reason is different) and I wanted to go to the Ashram, which is the only place in the world so far in which I feel at peace. So we went to the Ashram first, saw the Samadhi and then proceeded to the Ashram’s Guest house. It was a beautiful early 20th century style bungalow done up in white and black. The medium-sized room was comfortable. We had to settle for it since the large rooms were taken. I wanted to buy their leather shoes but Aurofurn that shop that sells them closed at 5:30. It was 6 when we landed in Pondy. And 7 by the time we checked into the Guest house. So, after dumping the bag at the Guest House, we went to the Ashram again and this time, it was out of the world. At night, the lights right above the Samadhi illuminated the flower arrangement on it. The rest of the courtyard was in darkness. The perfumed fumes from the agarbattis swirled about in the air all around you. The stillness in the atmosphere was palpable even though there were enough people around. I was stunned by its beauty, grace and spirituality. We sat there for a while and then went shopping mostly for clothes. After a light dinner at Le Café (there was nothing French about it except the name) we went back to the neat comfort of the Guest house.

The next morning after a nourishing breakfast at the Guest house, we went to get Bengali sweets. The checkout time was 12 noon. So, we rushed back to the Guest house packed our bag and left to take the return 3 hour Express bus back to Chennai.


3 thoughts on “Trip to Pondy

  1. have been to pondy once. the same trip i told u about in the metroblogging comment. remember?

    it was after we finished our agriculture course at the annamalai university, that we thought of stopping by at pondy on our way back to chennai.

    we stayed there for a night. saw the sunset from the beach in the evening. it was the first time the sea talked to me. pure, moving, heavenly experience. normally, am as afraid of water as a cat wud be, but this time it was really different.

    perhaps it was the tide or some natural affinity but the sea kept coming to me however much i backed.

    the morning after we went to the ashram. it was just a walk away from the hotel we were staying in. and if the dialogue with sea was anything, this was even more divine. i still remember the moment i bowed my head at the samadhi and tried to meditate, and all the visions that came floating into my conscious.


    wish i cud go there again…


  2. I’ve never been to Pondicherry, though I thought of going there a couple of times while I was in Bangalore. Good to hear that you had a good time!

    Btw, for me, the place where I find the most peace in the world is a bookshop 🙂

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