Bangalore, here I come…

I have heard so much about Bangalore and only been there once. (For books, what else?) Yet, when an offer for a job in that city came by, I couldn’t refuse. For 3 reasons:

(1) The name of the company. It’s a huge company. So huge that you could get lost in it. Literally.
(2) I’m trying to see what it is like to live on my own. (Update: It sucks. So far.)
(3) A rather personal reason.*

I am busy trying to pack. So my blog posts are going to be erratic.**

* You can go ahead and guess anything you want. I ain’t telling.
** It’s better than disappearing, like I tend to do.


3 thoughts on “Bangalore, here I come…

  1. Hey, will you not reveal the third reason to us? 🙂
    BTW, are you blooging from work? As far as I can guess, I do not think that will be possible. Then how are you managing re?

  2. 1. Huge company at Bangalore. I can guess…

    2. I too thought it would be fun but it ends up teaching us how luxurious the simple comforts of home are which we never even gave a double thought about

    3. Hmmmm… this should’ve been reason number one.

    Regular or erratic just be here.

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