Dear Diary

So far Bangalore has been let’s say – very eventful and very painful.

June 8: Started from Chennai.

June 9:
Early morning: Landed in Bangalore. (Took the night train before anyone asks any intelligent questions.) Moved into a Convent guesthouse.
Mid morning: Fixed a PG place thanks to a friend. Was going to move in on the 10th.
Evening: Was asked to wait till the 21st since the landlady was facing some domestic crisis.

June 10: Frantically searching for a PG place. Was disappointed like crazy.

June 11: Met two friends who took me to the Airlines Hotel where we gorged on Channa Batura and coffee. They thought that I was very calm considering the fact that I was in such a precarious situation. What is the situation? I didn’t have a place to stay till the 21st.

June 12: Joined my new workplace. The convent asks us to leave since we didn’t book for a long time.

June 13: Moved into another Guest house.

June 14: Discovered that commuting to office is a BIG problem here. Autos just refuse to travel to and fro.

June 15 – 17: Had fever, cold, and asthma. But managed to survive the really bad food that this guesthouse provided. Discovered guesthouse is not safe for women.

June 18: Moved from guesthouse 2 to a long time family friend’s daughter’s place. Was about to move into a hotel when she invited us over. Bless that good soul!

June 19-21: Felt good eating homemade food. But worried about getting the place on the 21st.

June 21: Moved into my “own” place.

June 22 onwards: Have been trying to adjust to Bangalore. So far no success.


5 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. hey afj,

    good to hear from you. best luck with the new job and new city (b’lore is a pain). eventful first week! hopefully it’ll settle down from here on. and we’ll get to read more from you 🙂

    stay well,

  2. girl,
    chin up! let’s plan sumthin this time, so that we cud meet in the same city
    u shd try out those Dus rupee ka Manchurian…not healthy, but amazingly delicious!

  3. Long time! 😀

    Here’s wishing you a great time ahead! I am sure you’ll soon adjust and love it! 🙂

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