Weird Weird Moi

I have been tagged for the nth time by Rita! The tag is to list 6 weird habits. Hmm! Let’s see. I don’t think I can stop at 6!

  1. I talk to myself. I can have complete conversations with myself. I explain concepts, run through examples, analyse, dissect, and have a compete Q and A session with myself! Sometimes, I pretend that I am talking to another live person. How many times, mom came knocking on my door asking me, “Who are you talking to?” Then came the cell phone, and no one asks me that anymore. I guess you could blame it on the fact that as a Libran, I can see 2 sides of the same issue!
  2. I have OCD. I wash hands after I have touched anything that I feel is unclean. But I’m not so far gone that I need to switch the lamp light 17 times before going to bed!
  3. I am also a cleanliness freak. I like to keep everything that I own “clean.” Books will be wiped and put on my shelf as soon as they arrive from dusty bookshops.
  4. I have difficulty making up my mind in an instant given choices that are not blatantly obvious. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream is a blatant choice. To do task A or task B is not.
  5. I can pick up the anyone’s heavy accent after listening to him/her for 5 minutes. I am, however, immune to neutral accents.
  6. I can’t say No. I have tried but I feel that saying No is an art that I have yet to understand let alone practice.

There! I’m done! I don’t know if I should tag anyone. By now, everyone I know would have been tagged. But still let me try:

  1. Beth
  2. Obi Wan
  3. Shreya
  4. Abaniko
  5. Sanchapanzo
  6. Jewel Rays

4 thoughts on “Weird Weird Moi

  1. I very comfortably thought every one talks to themselves.And picking up an accent was my only talent.:(

  2. Well, you’re right, you shouldn’t stop at 6…it’s been exactly 30 seconds since i read that entry and i can think of a 7th – “I have an ardent wish to see if God exists. I try to find that out every time I cross the road; unfortunately, I have friends who won’t let me go through with it…I believe it is out of jealousy for my inventive mind that they pull me back just before speeding cars can serve their catalyst purposes.”

  3. I get impressed with people who can easily mimic accents. Tried affecting a British twang with my nieces from UK and they just laughed at me. I sounded weird they said. Btw, I’ve done this meme already. The post is in my archives. But thanks for tagging me. Cheers!

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