Cell phone and ketchup

Should never be mixed! I had accidently left my cell in the same pocket as a packet of ketchup inside my bag and received the shock of my life today. My cell is behaving slightly tipsy as if the ketchup was wine it accidently ingested. It refuses to switch off/sleep. It’s wide awake and switches itself on without me touching the panel. Otherwise, it is working fine.


3 thoughts on “Cell phone and ketchup

  1. at least yours works – ny new nokia n70 died due to rain damage!! and liquid ingress voids warranty so im kinda stuck!

  2. Omigosh! How could you do this to your well-looked-after-prizes-posession? :O
    And BTW, what was the packet of ketchup doing in your pocket?

  3. Did you try putting the ketchup packet between the two flips….;)

    Too hilarious….the cell makers have a lot more to test before they rool out new models 🙂

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