Out of sight, out of mind

I am painfully aware that I am out of circulation. But it just feels good to write. Writing is one area where I feel I have the most fun doing what I like doing. Book reviews are an excuse to write as are pieces like this one. I was trying to be a good blogger and read all the blogs I have been ignored all this time. But I couldn’t cover many blogs. Maybe blogging is a sign of normalcy. Am I becoming acustomsed to this place? I don’t think so. But then getting used to something isn’t a question of thinking it’s just being. Sometimes I think I’m so human that I can’t see beyond the everyday reality. I can’t for example see where I will be in the next 6 months, what I will be doing, and how. Some people I know have planned out their lives. I don’t have a plan. As of now, I want to survive today. Take life in doses, one day at a time.


3 thoughts on “Out of sight, out of mind

  1. Good to see a person so much in love with blogs and books welcome to the world of blogs. With the internet and blogging on the rise the world has become a small place on my side i take this liberty to voice my disdain towards what’s happening with our cities and how much our politicians become shameless.

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