Not a snob

I am officially not a snob anymore according to a friend of mine. The reason for her to snatch the title away from me is that I have read John Grisham. I did. Two books of his. A Time to Kill and one other book whose name I don’t remember, which was a gift from the Rupa Book Club way back when I was in college. Damn! And now I have to stop being a snob? It was almost my identity!


12 thoughts on “Not a snob

  1. That could be an “education” for you. At least you get exposed to other writing styles. I even read six (6) novels of Sidney Sheldon. Crap works but it was an experience just the same.

  2. So even the most ‘eclectic’ and ‘snobbish’ of readers have chinks in their armour??? 🙂 My case is reverse of coures, I do not read enough ‘intellectual’ stuff 🙂

  3. I think the whole notion of being snobbish is absurd, made worse by the reading or not reading of John Grisham. Leave the poor guy alone.

  4. (evil smile)
    john grisham for god’s sake!
    (sheepish smile)
    yeah i’ve read couple of his books too 😉

    don’t worry, if you want to be snobbish, the first thing is to not judge yourself. start judging others by what they read, not yourself! surely, that’s elementary lesson in snobbery!


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