Arithmancy is a Chaldean and Greek method of divination by numbers. The Chaldeans divided their alphabet into three sections of seven letters and linked these to the seven planets. The Greeks would analyze the names of opponents and predict the outcome of a contest. Arithmancy is a precursor to numerology.

If this sounds familiar, you have read Harry Potter. It’s one of the subjects he learns at Hogwarts.

Calculate your character number here.


13 thoughts on “Arithmancy

  1. Character Number: 5
    Heart Number : 1
    Social Number: 4

    so i read up “what do these numbers mean” section…looks like my character contradicts my social personality, which is not exactly in the same boat as my heart 😀
    man! its nice to find out that i’m complicated as hell!!

  2. heyy that was interesting. with my married name it was close to what i think i am but not with my maiden name and also for the others some of it was true but others wayyy off!! how’re you doing babe?

  3. damn!
    i never new i was
    “Perceptive, understanding, and bright, sevens enjoy hard work and challenges”


  4. hi…first time here…some neat posts you have…AND abt this thing…it game a 9….though i’m a show off,its a bit too much 🙂

  5. coming back here after a long time and yay! there was a link to explore 🙂
    my character, heart and social numbers (7,3,4) flattered me :p

  6. Character Number: 3
    Heart Number : 9
    Social Number: 3

    well i liked the numbers and wow! interesting it said i was compleete ….maybe i am …..

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