Where are the Indian superheroes?

The current comicscape does not offer any Indian superheroes and I am not talking about Krissh or Hanuman who seem to me to come second hand from the West. And now comes the news that Shekhar Kapur and has created new superheroes for today’s generation: Devi and Sadhu. Gautam Chopra (THE Deepak Chopra’s son) has penned another comic called Snake Woman. Samit Basu – author of the The Simoqin Prophecies and its sequels – is writing one (or more?) of the episodes of Devi. It seems like everyone wants to exploit India’s mythology for the commercial market. On the other hand, we might get our own superhero. I don’t want to be the skeptic. Let’s wait and watch.


4 thoughts on “Where are the Indian superheroes?

  1. I’m still not sure whether you’re talking about superheroes from India or Native-American. If you’re talking Native-American Marvel has least a handful I can think of: Thunderbird (X-Men), Warpath (X-Force), Shaman (Alpha Flight), Redwolf (minimal solo character), and theres probably more but I don’t remember at the moment. But they’re out there!

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