New template

As you can see, this is an experiment with a new template. All comments are welcome. I wanted to move away from a Gothic red and black colour scheme to a neutral one. That’s why this template. Also, I heard so many comments about lack of easy readability in a black background with white text. And it’s a good way to try to spend this blog’s upcoming 2nd birthday on Dec 10th. Its first birthday was spent while I was in Madras. The second up coming one will be while I am in Bangalore. (Though, technically not. I will be in Madras this weekend.)


11 thoughts on “New template

  1. Hmmm… I don’t like the background color. it doesn’t go with the blue shades either, IMO. it’s all subjective anyways, but white will be better even. unsolicited advise, just check out some wordpress templates for inspiration.

    personally I liked your previous blog template much better. but then it’s your blog :). so ignore me.


  2. Do you really want an honest comment? This one looks nice, but I liked the previous obe better! 😀
    Anyway, good to see you paying some attention to this space. 🙂

    And yes, really looking forward to meeting you guys this weekend.

  3. Hey, you’re back and with a better template. Just wow. Advance happy birthday to your blog. Keep those posts coming, okay? Cheers!

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