This is what I have been reading

I might not be blogging much but I am reading. And that is good news. This is what I consumed in the past few months.

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Strange Pilgrims
  • Satyajit Ray’s Our Films, Their Films
  • Eva Ibbotson’s Island of the Aunts
  • Philip Pullman’s The White Mercedes
  • Philip Pullman’s The Broken Bridge
  • Isabel Allende’s The Stories of Eva Luna

And I am also in the middle of Satyajit Ray’s Speaking of Films.


5 thoughts on “This is what I have been reading

  1. gosh thats a lot of reading! if u own those books, could we borrow them please? the assurance remains of course, that they’ll all be returned in time and in good condition 🙂

    btw, if u like martial arts movies, and if u haven’t already, then watch ong bak

  2. Whoa! Wonderful! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking of picking so many books – but pocket money issues are testing my patience! 😦

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