Poets I have been reading

Of late, I have immersed myself in poetry. I can get lost in a poem and come out clean, stripped of worries and anxieties. These are the poets I have been reading:

  • Roger McGough (One of the Liverpool poets of the 60s, writes poetry that startles, shocks and makes you laugh.)
  • Kate Bingham (Can see the sheer craft of writing poetry in her poems. She explores genres that are difficult like the sestina and makes it all seem effortless.)
  • Wendy Cope (For poetry that’s simple and intricate at the same time like lace.)
  • Clare Pollard (Poetry’s new voice, raw, angry and angst-ridden.)

4 thoughts on “Poets I have been reading

  1. have always wondered exatly what people find in poetry…never really got the hang of it. i think one of the reasons could be the way we were taught poetry – those guys at school made it quite drab. and after that, i never bothered to look at it once 😦
    also coz maybe subtelty isn’t in me or something?

  2. say is this the new mantra you have adopted? Sigh…Btw wasnt that pic taken by vee when we all met up for lunch??? Have to update u on things that have been happening here…life sure aint easy here and now i really know what grin n bear it means!!!

  3. Very much enjoyed my time here, wading through your blog…as a poet, and an avid reader, I found it both enlightening and enriching.

    Thank you…

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