Bangalore diary – II

Jan 21 Sunday
While Bangalore burned, we shop at one of post-liberalized India’s iconic outlets, the Big Bazzaar. Today, I went and packed my stuff from the PG place near Koramangala, right opposite to Christ College. I shifted to my Uncle’s house at Kaggadasapura. I have lived exactly 12 days in this new PG place. My Bangalore stay has been very nomadic and chaotic. I have shifted places like 6 times in as many months living in as diverse places like a convent (St.Brigitta’s near M.G Road), a seedy hotel (Hotel Shanbagh in HSR Layout), a family friend’s place (Koramangala), an old independent house where I was first the sole PG and then had another PG – a guy – moved in upstairs, and then I stayed at colleague’s place, and this was my 6th place – a PG place that functioned like a girls’ hostel. This was going to be my last. I ain’t moving no more.

Anyway, the Saddam Hussain issue merged with some Hindu-Muslim issue and Bangalore’s most volatile area, Shivaji Nagar and its whereabouts was seething with unrest. In the middle of all this, mom, my aunt and I went shopping to the Big Bazaar at Old Madras Road. Isse sasta aur accha kahin nahi, claimed the tagline which impressed Mom a lot. It had 7 floors of really inexpensive stuff. My cousin dropped and picked us up. When it was time to come back, there was a lot of talk about the unrest spreading to the posh Indira Nagar area, which is very close to Kaggadaspura. But thankfully nothing eventful happened. Later in the night, we went out with my uncle (father’s younger brother) and aunt, and cousin Mithun for dinner at Chung’s.


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