Bangalore diary – III

Today I said good bye to Bangalore officially. The unrest still raged on the streets somewhere in Bangalore. I was to catch the Brindavan Express at 2:30 pm to Chennai. So we started rather early because we didn’t want to be late in case the situation the road wasn’t that great. We could have gotten into the train at K. R.Puram but the train stops for a short while and I was moving from one city to another so, I had just too much luggage. So we decided to get to Majestic City Station. (Bangalore travel tip: Majestic also refers to the bus stand at around the same area. So always specify where you need to go.) Of course, because of the luggage we had to take a call taxi. The driver of the taxi turned out to be such a chatterbox. He informed my already hyper mother that (1) 10 drivers hadn’t turned up for work and that they belonged to the Muslim faith and (2) the two taxis that has left before us were burned down. So with lots of positive thoughts in our head, we started for the City Station. Some areas were heavily patrolled. Some saffron-colored flags were strewn all over the streets. And through one area, I think it was Thimmaih Road, I felt real uneasy because there was something very eerie and scary about the silence of that street. Anyway, we reached safely. Getting into the train was uneventful.

In the middle of the journey, the trains stopped. There was no station in sight. The sun had set by then enveloping the train in darkness. As usual, most people didn’t bother. But there was one guy who wanted to find out what was going on. He headed for the door and came back a little later. Settling down in his seat, he said loudly to all the people looking at him, “It’s a technical difficulty.” And the proceeded to whisper to his neighbor, “they suspect a bomb on the train.” I heard him loud and clear. I had the urge to tell my mom but she was sleeping and it was already very eventful just trying to get to the station. So, I let it be. And hope and prayed that there was no bomb on board. There wasn’t and we reached Chennai in one piece.

You would think that was enough excitement in one day, right? Wrong. I had a total of 8 bags and suitcases. My dad had come to pick us up from the Chennai station. We loaded our stuff onto the auto. While getting off, I left my backpack there. For me, this was far more upsetting than traveling through riot-torn areas. All my silver jewelry was also there. Every body at home wanted to know why I carry my silver jewelry in my backpack. Well, I always do. It’s not so much silver for me as jewelry and I like all the things I need on an everyday basis like cosmetics, accessories, books, notebooks, hairdryers, almost everything other than the clothes itself, in one location. I was quite upset as to even shed some tears over it. Miracle of miracles, in the middle of the night, (actually 4 in the morning, but it felt like the middle of the night), the auto guy – bless him – returned my backpack! I was so relieved! Relieved was an understatement. I really thought that finally anything was possible. I know I am given to hyperbole a bit.

That just about wrapped up my Bangalore stay and return. I will be returning but only to shop for books and clothes!


2 thoughts on “Bangalore diary – III

  1. (Sorry to be late to your post – for whatever reason this just showed up in my RSS reader.)
    What an amazing story! I would have cried about the backpack too – it’s so often the little things that are the most meaningful.

    Hope all is now calm and good!

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