Guest column: Notes from Hannover

I haven’t traveled much but my filmmaker/ film critic cousin has. So, here are some notes she sent from Hannover*, Germany.

I can’t help but think about Jatayu now. All Feluda mystery readers will know about Jatayu/ Lal Mohan Ganguli, the bumbling rotund balding author who accompanies Feluda on almost all his missions providing a perfect foil for the ace detective. If he were allowed to write a mystery based on Hannover, can you guess what the title would be? In Bengali, it would be “Hannoverer Hutopati”, which transliterated into English, it would read, “Hullabaloo in Hannover.”

Over to the traveler.

Yes, I am in Hannover at the moment, and it is a rather nice town. We work at the media centre which is at the famed Hannover Expo area. It’s quite rustic out here being some distance from the town proper but quite well connected.

My hotel is right opposite the Hannover Messe entrance. It’s just a short walk for me to work. The weather is quite pleasant for this time of the year and the best part is that the sun sets at 10 PM!

I went down to the ancient town of Augsburg near Munich last weekend to meet a friend. It was really nice spending time with her exploring the town–complete with museums, quaint little streets and quarters, visit the world’s oldest social settlement and climb up to the town’s highest tower!

I managed also to see an ancient monastery and to visit the forested areas of the region. All in two days!!

Hannover is a nice town too and the best part is that you never once hear the car horn!

*I used the German spelling just as she did. The English version is spelled with a single n.


2 thoughts on “Guest column: Notes from Hannover

  1. Wow!

    Chanced by your blog while hopping from Gaizabonts and read this here. Reminds me of my warm memories of orange tulips among other beautiful flowers at the Hannover Messe


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