I got tagged after ages!! Thanks to Siri for this. The tag is to say nine things about myself one of which is a lie. Can you spot the one which is not true?

  1. I have some weird dreams. Well, who hasn’t, you say? But mine are pretty weird. I won’t describe any of them because most of the time they are about people I know. And also I forget them very fast. But last night’s one I remember very well. In my dream, I was in Bangalore and I met this guy who happens to be this amazing guy on whom I had a humungous crush on when I was like 19. There were two catches to the whole situation: one was I was leaving Bangalore for good the very same night. As if that wasn’t enough, my nose was blocked so bad that my face became blue and I had to rush to the restroom! Also, there were other things happening around us as well.
  2. I read a lot. But I also have my non-reading spells as well. I can write a lot about my reading. But I’d rather you read my posts!
  3. I recently started painting. Acrylics mostly. I can’t describe my work. It’s bad that’s about all.
  4. I am obsessed about clothes. They have to be just right for the occassion or I won’t step out of the house. But when I am home, I don’t care about what I am wearing as long as I am comfortable. I can be quite jhala at home, actually.
  5. I am very up-to-date on the music scene. I know the bands that are upcoming and who will make it big. Chennai has a good rock scene, so that helps.
  6. I have been a selfish blogger of late. I post something and forget about following it up. I haven’t been able to check on all my blog friends. But don’t doubt it, I love you guys! Hopefully, I will have enough nothing to do as work to get back into that habit soon.
  7. I like stitching. Apart from fixing things like buttons, hems, and accidental tears, I would love to take time out to making things like tote bags. And then carry them around and show them off.
  8. I am not a prude but when I know that I am on air, I really don’t like to have my words arm-twisted to mean something else especially a sexual inuendo. Recently, a friend of mine asked me a fake caller for her radio show. So I agreed. Big mistake. The RJ thought he would have some fun but I didn’t like it. So I shut up. Luckily, that shut him up!
  9. I can forgive everyone but myself. If something goes wrong, I always feel responsible for it. This extended sense of responsibility comes from being the eldest child at home. Sometimes, it can be a boon, and sometimes it sends me on guilt trips where I have no business being.

In my turn, I tag Rita, AquaM, Anurag, Atul, and Soumyadip. Guys, I have no idea what you are into nowadays, but remember the times when we used to have so much fun doing tags? Consider this one for old times’ sake!


12 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Nothing like a tag to revive an otherwise abstracting blog and clear the cobwebs – btw – how do you (we) get to know the answer?

  2. Hulloo, 😛

    What is this, huh? Spot the lie contest? I know the lie, my dear. Has to be either 1 or 7. Most likely 7. What’s the answer?

    And yes, I like the ‘old times’ sake’ part of the post, best. Will do the tag, but this one will take sometime. I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing longish posts. 😦

  3. I’d choose between 4 and 5, and if pushed i’ll choose 5!

    Thanks for the old-times sake line AFJ, you got me back on my blog :-)Tag completed!

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