Theater Fests

There has been one going on in my city. It’s given this lavish name – The Hindu MetroPlus TheatreFest. The publicity is really good. Lots of ads in the papers and reviews as well. But according to my close friend, the playwright, the quality just isn’t there. It’s sad that just when people are ready to put in money and effort, quality takes a little walk.

The only play worth seeing according to her – and I respect her opinion a lot – was Familie Flöz’s Ristorante Immortale, which came all the way from Berlin. Well, I don’t have the authority to say so because I only saw one play and this was it. I am completely bowled over by this play. I haven’t seen as amazing a play since Footsbarn, the French travelling theater company came visiting us with Perchance to Dream in January 2005. 
My review of Ristorante Immortale appeared in the Hindu on Monday August 13th. I didn’t win a free lunch for two at the Park. It was just one of the many reviews. The word limit was 150 words, which kind of was very very trying for me. So I wrote a longer version. Lookout for that in the next post!
Image Courtesy: The Hindu

One thought on “Theater Fests

  1. Yes! I read the review in Hindu. In print! 😀
    And when I look at the length of the post above, I can understand exactly HOW constraining it must have been for you to write something so short!

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