Happy New Year 2008!

On this new year’s day, I travelled the world. Definitely, a beautiful start to the new year. Though on 31st night, I didn’t go out anywhere, (A friend of mine was surprised that I was not wildly partying the night away.) I just saw a movie – X Men III, and went to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

January 1st 2008, AquaM woke me up at an unearthly hour 10 AM! It was the middle of the night for me! Anyway, I met her at a temple and we exchanged gifts! Let me explain. She was going to the temple and I decided to meet her there. She got me a gift from Singapore, where she was holidaying. The next friend, I met was N, who had just returned from her holiday in Bahrain, and she got me a little piece of Bahrain. Literally, because her gift included seven types of Bahrain’s desert soil! And the third friend I met was the one I had first planned to meet: A. M and I had got her something from our Goa trip, which I had to hand over. And she gives me somethings from London! I am so thrilled! If the new year starts on this note, I am sure all I have is good times ahead! So, in the space of 12 hours, I had on the desk in my room, little bits of Singapore, Bahrain, and London. I felt like I had travelled the world in a day!


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