Sunlight and Coffee

I always thought that all perfect moments involved some form of coffee. Whether it’s romance, literature or travel. (By perfect moments I mean these moments where you feel the possibilities are endless and no one speaks to fill up the silence. It’s almost like Keats’ Negative Capability.) So I plied my existence with copious amount of coffee. I got books about coffee, drank endless cups of coffee, and even wrote about coffee. But then perfect moments are born not made. Today, as I saw the sunlight stream into my room making chiaroscuristic patterns on my books and table, I was in a perfect moment. Everything was still; I had only the sunlight for company.
I realized I was wrong. Not all perfect moments involved coffee. Some just involve me.


2 thoughts on “Sunlight and Coffee

  1. REALLY like that, even though i don’t myself believe in perfect moments. or perfect anything for that matter 🙂

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