Accidental Fame Junkie has decided to move to WordPress! If you have come in from, you are most welcome. This is my new and happening address:

Since I am in the process of moving, please bear with me. Blogger friends who were linked to my older blog will soon be linked to this one as well.  I will retain my older blog, mostly for sentimental reasons.

Why did I move? Oh, many reasons! I felt that I have changed and my blog didn’t fit me anymore! For the most part, it’s because I wanted to break away from the old and start something new. What’s better than moving? I feel that a new blog is like a new beginning. It really shakes things up. Moreover, I really was fed up with searching for new blogger templates. And since I am such a technologically-challenged person, I needed something simple and easy to do.     

Enough said.

I do hope you will enjoy this journey with me even better than the one before.  


4 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Hey,

    Good to see your new page and the reasons make perfect sense. Let us not talk about blogger templates and being tech-challenged. I am so bad at it that I’ve never even tried it even once!
    But you are giving me ideas now. 🙂

  2. Heyy Rita, welcome old pal! And thanks so much!

    So good to see you here! Please take the idea and move! WordPress is so much better! I wonder why I hesitated so long! And WP is totally for tech-challenged people like us!

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