Things that exasperate me

(1) I have no patience for people who see the world as either black or white. It’s either one things completely or the other. How is that possible? Isn’t the average moment, the average experience – and let’s face it, we live most of the time in this averagesphere – always between extremes? And the definition of extremes differs from person to person. My extreme is another person’s average experience.

To assume that if I don’t like Choice A, I would love Choice B is silly. It is entirely possible that I don’t like Choice A, B, or even C. I might decide to choose A.5 or something such. To deny me the space to make my own unique choice is a violation of my basic rights. I almost feel claustrophobic in such a situation. It exasperates me to have to explain such a basic thing. Maybe I like to live in media res. Thank you.

(2) I like to find answers to questions not create conflict. If on the way to finding these answers, I do create conflict, then I have to solve it. So my energies are diverted into conflict-resolution, damage-control etc and less on the answers that I seek. What a useless detour!

(3) What I intensely dislike is the way some people slot my ideas even before I have finished conveying them! I fail to see what makes them an authority on MY ideas. Most of the time I think while I am speaking. So to first interrupt me and then give me an inaccurate approximation of MY idea, is so exasperating. The only time this can be forgiven is when the thought that they finish is an accurate approximation.

5 thoughts on “Things that exasperate me

  1. Point 3 has been bothering me a lot lately. I had never realised how much we butt into another’s train of thought.I wont even go as far as an idea. Even in mundane things we are constantly jump the gun and make suggestions. It is only after I have seen different have I realised how much thought, expression language cutting we get away in the name of bad culture. It is just bad manners methinks. I still have to learn though.

  2. You EU (may I call you EU?), as much as it exasperates me, I have to admit that I am guilty of the same behavior. I interrupt people when (1) they are lost for words and (2) when my brain starts reacting to what the other person has half said.

    I have to learn not to interrupt.

  3. Well so be it.. point 2 is something I often do.. I realised that its no use being exasperated on that since I am going to get back into this circle time and again.. 🙂

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