Rediscovering ABBA

I have a CD-full of 80’s songs which a friend of mine had given me four or five years ago. But I hadn’t checked it out completely. Yesterday, I discovered it in my music collection and decided to listen to it. ABBA consisted a big part of the collection. One by one I listened to the ABBA songs but nothing nothing came close to Man after Midnight. I can listen to again and again. And in fact that is what I am doing. I don’t know what so appealing about it.

The uplifting disco beat is constantly throughout the song.  The signature ABBA sound – multiple female vocals recorded one over the other – is unmissable: here Agnetha Fältskog’s oscillating vocals regales us. It’s ironic that a sentiment of a lonely woman gave birth to a peppy song. If you listen to the peppy ABBA long enough, at some point, you’d want to stand up and dance even if you know for sure that you can’t dance to save your life.

I see a such a similarity with Boney M; I’m thinking of Rasputin here. It could probably be a shared disco heritage. (ABBA started in the 60’s but carried on relentlessly through to the early 80’s.) I was just telling a friend of mine that we are so children of the 80’s. I love the 80’s sound: both Indian and Western. In India, I can think of the Nazia and Zoheb Hassan, the duo who gave us some of the best 80’s disco in our language. If you grew up in the tackiest decade of the 20th century, you’ll automatically edit out the tinsel and concentrate on the core of the music. Because even though images stay frozen in our heads, it’s the music that pulls our muscles.


10 thoughts on “Rediscovering ABBA

  1. Agree. Except, I’ll add 70s and late 60s (in retrospect)

    And why would you edit the tinsel; edit anything? It was all great the way it was. Remove anything from it and it doesn’t have meaning anymore.

  2. I love Abba. And Nazia Zoheb songs still fill me with joy..
    Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me aaye.
    Lekin Mera Dil..

    Nice.. I wonder what happened to Zoheb..

  3. Another post from you that made me think. 🙂 I prefer to think of ABBA as defining the 70s, somehow, especially with songs like ‘Our Last Summer’ which were about flower power and so on. And the lovely ‘Happy New Year’ that they wrote before taking the plunge into the 80s.

  4. @det-res: I was a dud with music too until I wrote this post! 😛 Why det-res btw?

    @gaizabonts: Agreed! I am not a fan of tinsel! Disco balls are fine though! 😛

    @det-res: Will answer your meme soon!

    @Pallavi: Hello another 80’s child! Zoheb is still around I think. But doesn’t sing. Nazia as you know is no more. Cancer.

    @M: Thank you M! I was trying to explain why I liked ABBA and voila, there was a post! ABBA spanned 60s, 70s and 80s. And somehow 80s are synonymous with disco in my head.

  5. I heart ABBA. They’re soooo cute 🙂 My dad has this box full of their songs. I’ve inherited it from him! 😉

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