In August last year, my brief review of Ristorante Immortale by Familie Flöz had appeared in the Hindu. The detailed version is here.

This year, it’s my rather heavily-edited review of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream by the Yohangza Theatre Company from Korea.  The detailed version will be up soon.


4 thoughts on “Re-viewed

  1. Perhaps you might also be interested in coming to watch a small one man Shakespeare solo called Shreds and Patches at the Alliance Francaise, Chennai on the 30th or 31st 🙂

    Also, would you know of any place in Chennai where a performance poet/ poetry performer may find refuge? Not in the physical sense, of course, but some place where poetry performances (not readings) can happen?

    Sorry for the uninvited knock – here through some ancient link about Wendy Cope in my mailbox.


  2. Arka: Sure! Sounds good. I am defintely interested but please decide whether it is 30 or 31s August! And what time?

    Also, did you ask Kiran Rao, the owner of Amethyst? Amethyst opens up its 1st floor to art exhibitions and poetry readings. I have listened to Dylan Thomas’s poetry there.

    Shantaram: Do schools have poetry performances? I doubt it. Colleges might.

  3. It’s on both days! It’s being organized by Ajith Chitturi of Thespian En, if you know him. 9840127103 is his number. Please be a good samaritan and spread the word.

    I performed this at anokhi on the 29th of June, in fact, though for a limited audience as it was very poorly publicized. But yes, that space might be great as well. Thanks for the hat tip. Don’t know too many schools/ colleges there, but thanks for the suggestion again.

    Would it be possible, do you think, for a group of people to come together for an evening of performance poetry? Performance being the keyword, of course.

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