All’s well in cynicistan

…has been my tagline on gtalk for quite some time causing a lot of people to ask questions like “are you a cynic?” (I am not!), “why are you in cynicistan?” (I am not!), “where did you get this line from?” (It’s completely a non-plagiarised line created by my brain in a moment of creative idleness.), “is everything okay?” (Yes, it couldn’t be better).

At the risk of sounding contradictory, I have to say the line is completely positive. (Though, it was created when I was thinking of the Taliban threat to our North-Western border a couple of months ago.) Let me explain why: Assuming that there are cynics in cynicistan, would everything be well? And assuming that everything is well, would the cynics admit that things are well considering that they are cynics? So basically, it is an oxymoron. Or a statement that examines many contradictory ideas. A statement as intellectually curious as this cannot be negative.

Also, cynicistan is, not surprisingly, a state of mind. I always retire to it for a healthy dose of scepticism to balance my über-positive outlook. If the result is to balance something out, the sentence cannot be inherently negative.

I rest my case.


4 thoughts on “All’s well in cynicistan

  1. Wah. You’re still the same – unbelievably, strangely timely funny (I hope you get what I meant!) I am so glad I am reading here again 🙂 (Rohit Talwar here, yeah, I am trying to blog again etc.)

    So glad you’re still writing 🙂

  2. @Rohit: I know you are the one and only Rohit Talwar! LOL! And I do get what you mean! I’ve been away too long! I’m glad to be back and that too amongst friends like you! Thanks! 😀

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