Dreams limited

I had the weirdest dream the other day. In my dream, on the way from work, I saw the earth split up leaving masses of humanity clinging to both edges trying to get across. I was travelling by auto rickshaw and was stunned to find a 100 meter gap in the middle of the way, where K’puram meets G. Nagar. A gap that was more like a bottomless abyss. People were surprised and angry causing them to behave like a mob. And lining up on the sides of the split earth were rows and rows of people pushing and prodding each other. People even tried to climb on each other’s backs. Confusion reigned. I turned left to see that with typical Indian ingenuity, someone has thrown a plank of wood across hoping that it that would bridge this gap. A man stepped on it and walked two steps before the plank collapsed. And he went hurling down the abyss along with a few others who were close to the edge. No one is bothered. I turned right to see a rickshaw fellow trying to leap over the gap. He collapsed into the abyss one quarter of the way in. All I can think of is he reminds me of Coyote, of the Roadrunner fame, the one who realizes that the cliff has finished two meters back, looks down and then falls. I am worried that my rickshaw driver might try to replicate this stunt. My other worry is getting home. A detour at this late hour would mean going across town. I watch people cling to the edges of the abyss like the refugees cling to the train in the film, Gandhi.

Suddenly, the dream dies.

P.S: Other weird dreams here and here.


12 thoughts on “Dreams limited

  1. Interesting. I dreamt of having my own cafe last night. There was a corner dedicated to writers, with pencils, notepads, laptops, et al.

    Yours is definitely more fun and adventurous. Unfair.

  2. Oh wow! I wanna have my own cafe with a bookshop or a bookshop with a cafe myself! I’d gladly exchange this dream for the cafe one! 🙂 Why only a corner dedicated to writers? Shouldn’t the entire cafe be so? 🙂

  3. Hey AFJ,

    A very intriguing and interesting dream. Good that you could recollect it all write it down here. I forget all about my dream the moment I wake up. Sometimes, I get so bothered when I wake up in the middle of a dream and try my best to continue it, but, without any success!

    1. Heyy KK! So good to see you here! Thanks for dropping by! To be honest, I don’t remember all my dreams just one or two and they are usually very vivid, like this one! 😀

    1. Hey Rita! Another interpretation! The only hurdle that I think I am trying to cross is myself! I can be very trying, even for me! LOL! But seriously, apart from the regular stuff, there is no such hurdle. * puzzled *

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