City central

I live in Chennai, which to many people is probably the edge of nowhere. Called Madras in its former life, it lies on the South Eastern coast of India facing the Bay of Bengal with a few beaches where no one can swim. That doesn’t stop people from trying and drowning. It was briefly in the news for the tsunami in December 2004. Politics governs one half of its life. Tradition governs the other. The colours of Chennai are legendary. I can’t tear my eyes away from some of the cityscapes. It’s a rich ground for street photography.

Sepia sunlight

Sepia sunlight


Nazar na lage

Nazar na lage

My relationship with the city is a bit complex; there are things I don’t like about the city yet I can’t think of living anywhere else at the moment! I took these photos on my mobile and am pleasantly surprised at how well they have turned out.


3 thoughts on “City central

  1. Yeah, I love chennai..particularly Adyar where I stay for some many things..its proximity to the beach, beautiful long stretches of trees on the BAvanue rd, lovely residential places..indranagar..the lovely Ganapati temple, Nilgiris..I can go on forever!

  2. @Sowmya: Yeah I know re! 😀
    @Rita: I can understand! I could feel that “nowhere” feeling in Bangalore! 😛

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