Sound magicians

After a week spent slouched in front of the computer, (spent, not slouched, more than normal), it was such a relief to have a creative weekend where I escaped from my life. On Saturday, I had the delightful idea of meeting up with friends and attending the Korean contemporary music concert that was going on as a part of the November music fest. Oh, it was such a feast for the senses. I say senses, because you don’t listen to music with just your ears, you listen with your eyes and with your body. This was one music concert where I listened with my body.

Four Korean musicians, Gong Myoung, transformed the Music Academy stage into a playground for their music. A music that was strange and familiar at the same time. The multi-talented instruments played contemporary instruments (guitar, drums) and traditional Korean instruments as well as the ones they themselves had created out of bamboo. The music they drew out from those instruments was dynamic, pulsating and energetic. I couldn’t sit still for long. The repertoire of music changed from fast and vibrant to slow and melancholic but each had its own crystallised beauty. True performers that they were, they combined many genres in their performance including acting. Their music spilled over the stage making them move all about the ground floor. They didn’t stay in one place. They entered (I couldn’t help notice like the Jatra) from the aisles just like the audience as if to say “We are just like you”. English words escaped them but the music made its way to an encore performance. We couldn’t just get enough of these sound magicians. Even household items were converted into musical instruments like bubbletop plastic water containers made into drums and walking-sticks made into flutes. Every thing has its music. Only a few seem to find it. They were one of those few.

Listening to their music made the dust off my life fall off . Gong Myuong’s music performance reminded me that there is so much to live for. I remember thinking in the middle of a stirring composition that a universe that has this music can’t be all that bad.

Image courtesy: Inko Center, Chennai

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