Pondicherry and the Blues

“Pondy has the soul of an old blues man.”

Some sentences catch you unawares like a fishing hook and don’t let you go. This was one of them. My niece and I were discussing how refreshing our last holiday during the New Year weekend was. And somehow the conversation turned to Goa and our mutual dislike for it. We agreed on how it has lost its soul when compared to Pondy. That’s when she made this perceptive remark. Of course, the bottom line was that we both loved Pondy. The soft French sensibility that permeates every product made here or the strong tropical sun that brushes off the dust of your regular life or the delightful food available either at the corner café or a luxury hotel or the sound of the high-tide waves that seem like background music or the cheap roadside clothes with fantastic cuts. There is something to be enjoyed every moment in Pondy. Sometimes, all I wanted to do was sit and gaze at the sea. I went there for three days only but it felt like a different universe.  

Pondy, indeed, has the soul of an old blues man.

7 thoughts on “Pondicherry and the Blues

  1. I’ve heard a lot about Pondy – but if someone were to ask me to locate it on a map, I wouldnt know. But hey – that makes it all the more elusive, perhaps one day Ill map a journey to its shore :). And oh – I like you writing.


    1. Hey M: The only map that matters is the map that you have inside you. Trust that map and get to Pondy if it ever points that way! And oh, thanks! 😀

  2. Agree, completely 🙂
    Lived there for a year. Every evening I would go for a walk around the whole rectangle of the French quarter. Those days, it was much quieter, less crowded. The dark empty evening streets were lined by old houses from where piano music floated out to mingle with the strong smell of the jasmines in flower, and the beam from the lighthouse would come and go, come and go, while an occasional cycle rickshaw would sometimes creak by, never in a hurry. It was a self-contained scene, nothing was lacking.
    I used to think that I had come to the Promised Land.

    1. Hey Asha! Promised Land it still is but it is not like it was before. Nowadays, everyone seems to be out walking in the French quater. I still like the walks because there is nothing quite like it! 😀

  3. I studied there for two years, and know what you mean. Its so beautiful, esp early mornings by the sea. I hope to buy a small place there to escape the city’s madness and regain a small portion of my lost soul.
    But hey Goa was nice too..but possibly cos of the place we haunted during our one day stay 😀

    1. What Goa is today, Pondy might become tomorrow. Though I shall hope that it doesn’t happen. I want a place by the sea too, especially a quiet house with red tiled floors where the sun streams in through the doors and windows. 🙂

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