If you stay underground too long
I’ll send poems to seek you out

You’ll catch each poem by its rhyme
sprint up a step at a time
When you reach blank verse
you’ll miss a step—
my heart will skip a syllable
I’ll drop another poem
a structured ghazal this time
Sinuous love poems will entwine
your fingers
relieving you of the weight of understanding
You’ll climb up slowly
an elegy your firm foothold
your hand clutching a rhyming couplet
a haiku trailing behind you

Each time you slip underground
I’ll throw poems to draw you out


21 thoughts on “Underground

    1. @slpmartin: Thanks so much! Coming from a poet, I’d take it as a compliment. And thanks for stopping by!

  1. such a beautiful thought. and crafted so well.
    can i borrow the thought for a poem 🙂

    “agar tum chupi rahogi jyada der / main khojne ke liye tumhein, kavitayein bhejoonga apni/ phir chahe tum chupi ho sagar mein, aakash mein / ya prithvi ke kisi aboojhe kone mein / ye kavitayein dhoondh hi lengi tumhein / jaise sapne dhoondh liya karte hain aankhon ko… / jaise panchi, dhoondh lete hain aasmanon ko…”

    1. @adee: WOW! You are amazing! This poem is way better than mine! By all means, use the thought. I don’t own thoughts! And I’m so happy you were inspired to write such a beautiful poem!

  2. Sinuous love poems will entwine
    your fingers
    relieving you of the weight of understanding

    Loved the poem and the thought above the most!
    Was tagged by Adee to read your poem…was worth it! Keep writing!

  3. Hey Moushumi,

    Wonderful lines and it sounds as if it was intended for me. I’m sure every visitor to your blog feels the same. And that indicates that your poem has made its mark!


    1. Hey KK! Is there anything left for me to say after our long extended conversation yesterday? 🙂 I am so happy that you like it. If the poem speaks to you, then it’s probably meant for you! 🙂 I am the worst critic at this point being as it were too close to the subject. But you, with your receiver’s perspective should know more.

  4. I am in love with this. It’s so innocent and reachable. I love the fact that it’s going to stay with me for a long time and I shall come back to read it often and repair the broken sentences in my head.

    This made my day. My Monday 🙂

    1. Hey Rohit! 🙂 I am pretty broken myself, flawed, if you will. So the poem is of a flawed origin. If that can still help your sentences, then it’s amazing! “…repair the broken sentences in my head”- Now that is a line that will echo in my mind for a long time. You leave me speechless sometimes.

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