Dutt’s poetry

Reading the India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) magazine is like discovering a treasure trove of articles on Indian art, craft, and music especially forgotten or underestimated art forms including but not limited to performing arts mostly by scholars who research and share them through this magazine. The magazine also carries poetry like most little magazines. Unlike most little magazines, the quality of poetry featured here is high. One of the delightful discoveries has been the poetry of Nirupama Dutt. She writes in Punjabi and translates/transcreates her own work as well. This is one of her poems. For more, please visit her page at the Poetry International Web.

Those Letters

By Nirupama Dutt

Where must those letters be?
Letters written on stormy nights
I sent to many a destination
but never got a reply
or even a confirmation…
The twelve-page-long letter
I sent to that tall giraffe-like boy
who would sit with me till
past midnight talking much
of celibacy and D.H. Lawrence
in the same breath, yet he
was afraid of the balm of touch…

So many letters after that
some harsh some soft
In one there would be
banishment from my life
in another things
would be made all right
One letter would want
that my books be sent back
the other one would
follow a different track…

Perhaps these letters
I sent after stormy nights
to many a destination
were written to myself
Why then did I look
for a reply
or a confirmation…?


4 thoughts on “Dutt’s poetry

  1. I am so thrilled to read this. Stumbled on it, actually. I think this encouragement will bring new poems… Nirupama

    1. This is such a surprise! I am thrilled to have you here, in person. Please do write more poetry. There are niche group of people who love it!

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