…does this end?


8 thoughts on “When

  1. You know, believe it or not, I think the human race is probably the only creature that treats it’s own species with such disgrace.

    However, don’t be fooled into thinking that such discrimination only happens in India. The more I have traveled and made an effort to know the history of countries and understand a little about the culture of the people around me, I have noticed that people all over the world are treated badly. Whatever the reason may be.

    Thanks for pointing this out. It is shameful.

    1. It’s totally abominable! It seems the customs seemed to have evolved with the times to keep pace with the discrimination. We are facing a many-headed hydra here.

  2. I bought this too and IT IS DISTURBING. I can’t even express how disgusting this is. I wish the guys who harass them die a brutal death.

    By the way, did you see that this month’s Open published my letter to the editor 😀 Badly edited and printed without breaks but they did 🙂 *collar up in the air*

    1. Hey Rohit: I am not violently inclined generally but some things get my goat and this is one of them!

      I have to run out and get the latest issue! The online version does not carry letters to the editor! How sad is that? R, which issue? The World Cup wala?

  3. Na… it IS online too. When you view the magazine online, it’s the first page 🙂 the print version is the one that reads “Forever Young”.

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