There is something about film

Remember our childhood photos where the light was louder, the colours brighter, and the grain, well, grainier? Remember the Kodak kachak ads?  We have almost forgotten the pictures taken with film surrounded as we are by devices that can literally record our every movement with alarming clarity. Except an enthusiastic group of people who think that analogue is the future. They are the lomographers. And they explain it better than I can. They have been around for 20-odd years, so all those who just thought it is just another photography fad can stop reading right now. The Lomography people call it a movement. I’d like to think of it a return to the basics and nostalgia for a more innocent time. We, children of the analogue 80’s and 90’s, who grew up with our lives recorded on film negatives, photographs that are a tactile and visual experience, and pixel perfection not a goal to be achieved have found a new refuge in film. Real pictures, blurred and dark edges, extra colour where we did not expect it are not imperfections but rather integral markers of the process. It’s not just analogue film photography with the regular SLR lens, it also film photography with toy and other hotshot plastic box cameras. It seems we are trying to recapture that elusive quality about film that charmed generations before us.  

A few reasons why I love lomography:

  • It’s fun
  • It’s colourful
  • It’s spontaneous
  • It’s creatively satisfying
  • It builds character (just kidding)  
  • It makes you wait just like the good things in life (not kidding)

PS: I took the above photo using my old faithful, a digital camera, and then lomo-fied using the Poladroid application. This is for conceptual purposes only. I will upload my lomo experiments on my Flickr profile soon.


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