Capturing the future

The more I think about it the more it appears that photography is an art of capturing a moment that belongs to the future. (You can argue that a painter also does the same in one way. But a photographer has far less time to ‘paint’ his picture than a painter.) When you see the subject through the viewfinder, you decide on the limits of the frame and the moment to capture. However, even now at this point, you can only see the present and only plan for the future moment. In order to have a flawless capture of the future moment, you ask people to hold a smile, look at the camera and say cheese. When you ask someone to pose, you are essentially asking them to copy the present into the future moment. Since there is a momentary delay between the future and the present, anything can happen. This is why we are almost always surprised by the results. (At least I am!) Anything can happen in the future. We cannot control it. And this is also why we have bad photos and beautifully spontaneous photos as well. Clicking the shutter release button is the point where the future slips into the present which in turn slips into the past all in the wink of an eye. All photos belong to the past. A good photographer has an eye on the future. A good photographer is both a clairvoyant and an artist.

3 thoughts on “Capturing the future

  1. Very neatly expressed.
    Honestly, I hadn’t thought so much about this capturing the future in the present and it instantly becoming the past!
    Deep thought! Nice :).

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