The selected words of a year

I have been tagged by Atul Sabnis. I have not been blogging as frequently as I used to and I haven’t tagged or followed a tag in a long while. So Atul, this is for you.   

Rules: Select one sentence from a post that sets the tone for the month. This is not a compulsion but if you want to please follow the tag.

Note: The number in brackets indicates the number of posts written in that month.

January (5) From Pondicherry and the Blues: Some sentences catch you unawares like a fishing hook and don’t let you go.

February (1) From Phrases Stocked and Killed:  Can we risk going over the edge metaphorically?

March (7) From Writing in a Café: What I am aware of is that I am an oddity sitting in a café in the middle of a summer work day, trying to read a book, write a few sensible words, watch the blue froth collect at the bottom of a glass like something the Dead Sea would throw up and catch my dose of calm before I am ready to face the world again.

April (2) From Underground: If you stay underground too long/ I’ll send poems to seek you out

May (1) From Serendipity: Ah, the connections we perceive and weave.  

June (6) From Restless: Today, I am gripped by a restlessness that I cannot explain.

July (5) From How do you exorcise your grief: I write long-winded poems / meant for unseeing eyes.

August (0) No entry.

September (1) From Taramandal – a study of characters:  The play tells us that even the most unlikely people are actors…

October (1) No textual entry.

November (4) From The things people don’t want: “Oh, you have kept all things that people don’t want!”

December (8) From Capturing the future: The more I think about it the more it appears that photography is an art of capturing a moment that belongs to the future.

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