On the other side

[I dreamed this dream on the night of 18th January 2011]

I had gone over to the other side. I mean the spirit world. It was no big a deal. It was completely painless. One minute I was human; the next I was far away from it. I crossed the threshold like the way one crosses a room and enters another, at the same time and quite fluidly.

The other side is quite populated. Women — I could see only women — don’t  hesitate to tell me the rules. They ask me mostly not to do something. They have a surprisingly strict living ethic. There seem to be more rules in the spirit world than in the human world. Going to the other side is like getting in to the Witness Protection Program. I can’t reveal my identity to anyone. And I have to be quiet. Oh, by the way, one thing is a bit contradictory but who am I to question rules: I am invisible to humans but not inaudible. This just means I have to whisper. It’s very trying. And illogical. Just like life.

Many people try to cross the ‘border’. But not everyone is admitted in. At first, I have a faint sense of loss at having lost the human life, but nothing impacts me in a deep manner. I even remember thinking that this crossing would make for a great story.

I remember a profusion of doors, not one after another but rather like a house with many rooms. I keep moving through them. Finally, I realise that what I had suspected is indeed true. That spirits are all around us. We share the same space.

4 thoughts on “On the other side

  1. Hey H: Thanks! I wrote this down while I was half asleep. I was trying to capture the feeling I had while I was dreaming. It was all hazy. What really surpised me was that I was being metacognitive of this crossing. Thinking how it’s a good idea for exploring through writing.

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