The Revolutions

Note: I had this dream on the night of 26 July 2010. I was rummaging through an old notebook and came across it.

I am at a writer’s retreat where authors from all over the world have come together. We are sitting in an open auditorium stage relaxed and chatting. It seems to be in between sessions or is a session by itself. The atmosphere is light, conversation easy, the laughter free and open. It feels like the rehearsal for a play. I am listening to an intense discussion about a book called The Revolutions written by an author who is also at the same workshop but not present in this group. Rumour has it that this book is dangerous. Nostradamus-like, the author has predicted many events all of which have come true including this writer’s retreat. The word on the street is that the clairvoyant author has predicted that all the attendee authors in this retreat will come to a bloody end. I am incredibly curious about the book and want to read it. I spot a copy lying in a corner peeping out from a bag. The cover of the book is red. It’s about three feet away. I go and pull it out. One of the authors discourages me from reading it. They say nothing less than catastrophe lies ahead if I do. I am holding the thick hardback in two minds whether to open it or not. Before I open the cover, the dream ends.


Let me know what you think.

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