Lomo Diary: Theatre of Light

That willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith. ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

What is this need for stories? What is this need to willingly suspend our disbelief? To sit in the primeval darkness and experience theatre is as old as storytelling itself. It’s a small step away from sitting around the fire pre-electricity days, listening to elders of the clan telling stories.

When we enter the darkness of the theatre (film or stage), we enter into a contract with the creators of the performance to believe whatever they are saying for the moment no matter how outrageous. It is an unconsciously acknowledged contract. That is why we can laugh away the improbable plots. That is probably why we don’t usually start criticising or praising until after the performance. For the moment, we let our guard down, rest our rational selves and relax. We are ready for the story to be staged in the theatre of light.

About the photos: Taken with the Diana Mini using 35 mm Lomography film at night. No flash. Multiple exposure.


4 thoughts on “Lomo Diary: Theatre of Light

  1. So I was trolling the internet for some lomography pictures (I intend to buy one very soon, you see), and voila, I chance upon this. I love these two pictures; they have a very ethereal feel to it.

    1. Hey Joe! Thank you. I love these two pictures too. My first Diana Mini pics–the thrill I got out of it! You must get a Lomo cam. The Diana Mini is beautiful and moody but when she suddenly smiles at you, it makes your day. 🙂

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