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There’s something elemental about an open air market. I mean a market where the merchants sometimes shout out their wares, where the sun shines benevolently, and people come together in easy camaraderie. I am not talking about a supermarket or a departmental store, that monstrous twist on the neighbourhood marketplace. I am talking about a market where the colourful fruits and vegetables bask in the sun. The vivacity of voices, the eclectic mix of products, and the buzz in the air: it is truly food for the soul to soak in the chaotic spirit of the market. What I like best about a market like that is that it is deeply sensuous. You can smell the oranges, feel the undulation of a beaded necklace, or slip into colourful footwear. Or just watch the world go by.

About the photos: Taken with the Diana Mini using 35 mm Lomography film in bright sunlight.


6 thoughts on “Lomo Diary: The Charm of Open Air Markets

  1. And, sadly these markets are on their way out, or are being thrown out by the free market capitalism…:-) Would be good if you can specify where you clicked this pic, girl. My favorite areas in chennai are the Garland seller’s stretch in Pondi Bazaar; the Teynampet market; the Mylapore market adjoining the tank; and of course the lovely lovely Ranganathan street. 😀

    May be you should consider clicking the open fish markets as well, that is, if you can stand their smell. Actually na, with a little bit of time, you’d get used to it…and then, you’ll discover a whole new world in there…the types of fishes, the differences in the skills of people who cut the fish…the types of cut, etc. If you look closely, you will even notice the amount of gold some men wear; I once remember gaping at a guy wearing a thick yellow gold chain with several types of fishes and also a matching fish bracelet and grinning at my open mouth!

    Malls are so ‘restricting’ and even ‘poor’ in comparison to the richness of such open air markets…u should do an entire collection of open air markets in Chennai…wish I could join you, but am always available for ‘consultant’ work. 😀

    Keep up the good work, dear….

    1. hey Hans, I agree. I wanted to talk about Marx’s theory of alienation but didn’t. It wasn’t going with the tone of this post. I love all those markets! Mylapore is like a real favourite because I love walking through it. I want to explore the Teynampet one also. I will stop short of Ranganathan Street though. I hate being jostled in a crowd. These were taken in Besant Nagar 2nd Avenue. I didn’t mention the place because I wanted these pics to be symbolic of all open air markets.

      Fish markets are a real great place! I don’t mind the smell at all. (There! See the bong in me surface?) Malls are blah. They have no character.

  2. Doing good girl :-)). Try the santhome beach or marina beach on a crowded sunday evening …. good place for some amazing snaps.God …I miss chennai:-((

    1. Hey Seena! The beach is next on my shooting (with a camera) list! Yeah! I agree. Come by and see Chennai anytime! 😀

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