Beliefs Behind This Blog

When I had just started blogging in December 2004 (oh yes, this blog goes way back), I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to say on a blog. And more importantly, how to say it. It was through trial and error that I derived some rules that over time I have unconsciously practiced. It’s not a manifesto but a few beliefs that I strongly abide by.

  1. Conviction is everything: I don’t post anything which I am not convinced about. There is no point in wasting my time or the reader’s time in posting anything of substandard quality. Quality means the highest quality that is possible at the time of posting.
  2. Numbers are not important; people are: To follow #1, requires courage because most probably there won’t be rewards, followers, hits, or numbers. Even if one person reads my blog and comments intelligently, I am happy. As a blogging novice I was bothered a bit by the numbers. I have, since then, grown out of that. A few of the blogs that I was so envious of because of their then widespread readership have since shut shop, lie dormant, or are neglected.
  3. Stay away from clutter: I used to start and reply to memes and tags but I consciously stay away from them now. It’s not that I don’t want to or think they don’t have a value. They do but probably not on this blog because they dilute the focus.
  4. Stay away from advertising: I don’t advertise my blog. I am conscious that my stand is niche and contrary to the popularity-obsessed culture that we are soaked in everyday. I am aware that not many people will understand this. And I am okay with that.
  5. Believe in transparency: Tie ups with other creative people or organizations are announced up front. If I like a product or service, I say so because I feel it is the truth not because I was paid to say so.

2 thoughts on “Beliefs Behind This Blog

    1. Hey M: A friend of mine asked me a question, which provoked me into thinking about why I don’t do X and have Y. I have been thinking about this for a while, not the post, the beliefs. When it crystallized, I wrote this post. This may also evolve. if you are just discovering your blogging ethos, you are in a very good place.

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