Announcing Thursday Texts

I have been thinking for a long time about doing something that would help me delve deeper into the ideas I love, bring some structure to the blog, and discipline me into blogging regularly. Ergo, Thursday Texts is born. Borrowing the Structuralist premise that anything can be “read”, the “texts” that I will concentrate on includes but is not limited to books, films, actions, ads, articles, documents, poetry, plays, songs, even park benches. The idea is to look beyond mere appearances to the structure of things, the ideas that hold up the structures of things. While this may bring us face to face with quite a bit of ugliness and agenda that is inherent in this world, it will also give us hope by providing us clarity of perception. Needless to say, it will hit you Thursday-ish.

Here’s a hint for the first Thursday Text: I am going to start off with something quite topical. It’s a recent book and a movie and it’s been wildly successful as both. Can you guess what it is?


Let me know what you think.

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